Chris Tolliver

CHRIS TOLLIVER, 26, wide receiver with LSU, 2009-10, was hit while leaping high for a pass in practice, landed on his head, and was knocked out, suffering a grade III concussion, the most severe.  “I don’t remember nothing from when I had it,” Tolliver said.  “The trainers told me I couldn’t stay awake.  I kept closing my eyes.”  He rolled through his symptoms: “Memory loss.  I had a little blood coming from my nose, or whatever.  I was throwing up, couldn’t hardly eat.  I was having headaches consistently. … Light was hurting my eyes.  Sound, music, TV.  I was in the hospital watching the TV on mute.  Any small thing.”   Eventually Tolliver was cleared, but he probably came back too soon.  He suffered two more minor concussions in practice, giving him three in a year-long span.  LSU coaches and medical staff intervened.  Worried about potential long-term damage, they made the call: Tolliver would never play football at LSU again.–“LSU, Miles seeking solutions to the concussion problem“, 8/12/13, Luke Johnson.

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