Josh Williford

JOSH WILLIFORD, 24, guard with LSU 2010-13, in a game against Florida on 10/6/12 was hit with a blindside block while running downfield to make a tackle on an interception and was knocked out.  After the game, Williford ate Chick-fil-A for dinner.  But he didn’t remember, and then asked his mother what they were having for dinner.  And he asked again.  And again.  He spent several weeks in what amounted to sensory deprivation in his lightless room.  He unplugged his TV and only used his phone to contact family and LSU’s medical staff.  Any other sort of stimulation — light, sound or even intense thought — and the headaches came back with fury.  Williford tried returning for the Alabama game after passing a battery of tests to prove he was ready.  But it didn’t take long before a minor collision with former LSU linebacker Kevin Minter brought his symptoms back.  “All of a sudden, I go out there, I didn’t even really get hit hard and my head was about to explode,” Williford said.  “It wasn’t as bad as it was (when I was first injured) but it got pretty bad.  I had to go back and start from the beginning.”  In August 2013 Williford sustained another concussion in practice.  He reportedly lost consciousness again, giving him his second severe concussion in 10 months.  He missed all of the 2013 season and his career was in jeopardy.–“LSU, Miles seeking solutions to the concussion problem”, 8/12/13, Luke Johnson.

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