Nolan Brewster

NOLAN BREWSTER, 25, safety with Texas, medically retired in September 2011 because of concussions and post-traumatic migraine headaches.  He suffered a severe concussion on 9/17/11 in a game versus UCLA.  Brewster is the son of former Minnesota head coach and Texas assistant Tim Brewster.  “It’s difficult because I love football and playing for Texas, but I know in my heart this is the right thing to do.  I just know I can’t keep playing worrying about this continuing to get worse and knowing that I’m risking my long-term quality of life.”—“Texas’ Nolan Brewster quits football”, 9/26/11, with info from AP used in the report.  (The prior season Texas running back Tre’ Newton gave up football because of recurring concussions.)

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