Patrick Larimore

PATRICK LARIMORE, 24, middle linebacker with UCLA, medically retired on 8/12/12 because of multiple concussions before what would’ve been his senior season.  He was a team captain in his junior season and was the team’s defensive MVP after leading UCLA in tackles.  He started playing in fifth grade and played at least 11 years, and was once knocked out on a head-to-head hit without helmets in a touch football game.  Larimore was once hit in spring practice at UCLA with such force that he lost feeling in his legs, was rushed to ER, but did not suffer spinal damage.  He sustained at least 6 concussions, at various times experiencing headaches, dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity, and mood disturbance.  He yelled at his parents, Patricia and Bryan, when they tried to dissuade him from playing any longer, his anger stemming from his belief that he could play in the NFL.—“The Decision: The Patrick Larimore Story”, E: 60, Bob Woodruff, 10/30/12.

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