Chester McGlockton

CHESTER McGLOCKTON, 42, defensive tackle with the LA/Oakland Raiders, Kansas City, Denver and NY Jets, 1992-2003, died of an enlarged heart on 11/30/11. He was listed at 335 pounds toward the end of his career and had LapBand surgery in 2007 to shed weight, and lost about 60 pounds. In a 2007 interview with the San Jose Mercury News, he said, “I still get stingers, and I haven’t played in five years. I shot my toe up so many times I can barely move it. The (LapBand) surgery helped tremendously, it makes me eat like I’m supposed to. But I still can’t go work out or run. It just hurts too much. What’s scary is I’m only 39.  God forbid when I get to 50, 60. I’m just hoping I can walk.”—“Chester McGlockton, Former Raiders Star, Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack at 42”, 11/30/11.

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