Curtis Brown

CURTIS BROWN, 60, running back with Buffalo and Houston, 1977-83, died on 7/30/15 from a heart attack after suffering from dementia.  He replaced O.J. Simpson in the Bills backfield after Simpson was traded in 1978.  He suffered four concussions while playing.  “We really think of the reported concussions like the four that Mr. Brown reported, as potentially the tip of an iceberg,” his neurologist, Dr. David Brady, said in 2013. “There might be a lot under the surface that we don’t know about.”  Brown was an all-state running back at St. Charles High School in the 1970s. In 1976 at the University of Missouri, Brown starred in the Tigers’ road upsets against USC and Ohio State, both ranked in the top 10.  In the USC game, Brown rushed for 101 yards and scored three times, including a 95-yard kickoff return and a 49-yard TD pass.  When asked in 2013 if he would do anything differently, Brown said, “I’d live my life the same.”  His mother, Marian Brown, felt much differently. “If I had it to do all over again, my child would go into a different sport because I just don’t feel the same about even watching the game.”–“Ex-Bill Curtis Brown, O.J. Simpson’s successor, dies”, & KSDK TV 7/31/15, Art Holliday.

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