Herschel Walker

HERSCHEL WALKER, 53, running back with Dallas, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and NY Giants, 1986-97, has said that he played Russian Roulette with a gun more than once.  “If you came to my home, and you wanted to challenge me at … anything, I didn’t think you were worthy enough … I would take a bullet, put it in a cylinder, spin it, tell you to pull it … People said, ‘Herschel, you’re nuts.’ [When] they walked away, I’d take that gun, put it to my head and snap it … I was so fired up that I could overcome anything. And I think that’s what it was.  I didn’t realize that it was from … all that anger that I had, that I didn’t like myself.  I was not even happy with who I was.”  He also said he was so mad at a delivery man who was late that he wanted to kill him.  The Heisman Trophy winner then saw a bumper sticker on the delivery truck that said “Jesus Loves You,” and decided to get help.  Walker was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder).  “I talk about it now because there are still people out there today that are suffering.  There’s guys in the league [NFL] that I’ve helped so much, that I’ve saved their lives.”  Walker is a cousin of the late Philadelphia safety Andre Waters, who committed suicide in 2006 at 44 by shooting himself in the head.–“Herschel Walker details struggles with mental health, says he played Russian roulette”, MSN.com 6/18/15, Avery Stone, from an interview on ESPN’s Highly Questionable.

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