Jamie Dukes

JAMIE DUKES, 50, center with Atlanta, Green Bay and Arizona, 1986-95, played with 4 players who died of weight-related matters: Reggie White, defensive end with Philadelphia, Green Bay and Carolina, 1985-2000, died of cardiac arrhythmia on 12/26/04 at 43; Tory Epps, defensive tackle with Atlanta, Chicago and New Orleans, 1990-95, died of a blood clot on 6/1/05 at 38; Bernard Dafney, offensive tackle with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota, Arizona, Pittsburgh, and the Baltimore Ravens, 1992-97, died of a heart attack on 1/11/06 at 37; Mel Agee, defensive end and tackle with Indianapolis and Atlanta, 1991-95, died of a heart attack on 6/15/08 at 39. Dukes played at 305 pounds but ballooned up to 385 in retirement before having Realize Band Surgery, which shrinks the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger that leads to large intakes of food. He lost 100 pounds. In conjunction with an exercise program, the NFL Network personality has greatly improved his health and reduced his risk of heart- and weight-related problems.—NFL Network video.

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