Kenneth Boatright

KENNETH BOATRIGHT, 25, defensive end with Seattle and Dallas, 2013-15, collided with offensive lineman Tyron Smith during a pass rush drill on 8/6/15, lay motionless on the field with a neck injury for 10 minutes, was strapped to a board and taken to a hospital.  Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was recently criticized by former Cowboys receiver Dwayne Harris for having excessively physical practices. “The physical teams win,” Garrett told reporters, via the Dallas Morning News. “The best teams I have been on were physical.  That doesn’t mean they weren’t skillful.  That doesn’t mean they couldn’t throw the ball, defend the pass, but they’re physical.  I think if you look at all sports, watch the NBA.  The best players are physical.  They’re sturdy.  They’re strong.  That goes really in any sport.”–“Cowboys DE Kenneth Boatright hospitalized after suffering neck injury“, 8/7/15, Ron Clements, Omnisport.

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