Pete Duranko

PETE DURANKO, 67, defensive end with Denver, 1967-74, died on 7/8/11 after suffering from ALS (diagnosed in 1999) & dementia (diagnosed in 2010), and was found to have CTE.  He was trached and on oxygen and a ventilator for his last 5 years.  His wife, Janet Duranko, fought the NFL for years to get Pete on the NFL’s “88 Plan” for the last year of his life.  “I am thankful,” said his wife. “At least I’m praying that with the settlement all the retired players with ALS, dementia and declining health won’t have to go through  what Pete and I did, medical expenses, financial hardship and refusals for help from the NFL.  My sons and I watched him die for twelve years.”–Janet Duranko on Dave Pear’s Blog, 2/21/14.  (Pear was Duranko’s camp roommate in Duranko’s last season.) 

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