Robo F-pads

Alberto Garcia, of Shallowater, Texas, received the Chief of Naval Research Scholarship Award for his research into traumatic brain injuries (TBI).  Garcia’s project looked primarily at sport-related traumatic brain injuries, something the former football player is all too familiar with.  With that in mind, he developed Robo F-pads, a series of sensors and stabilizers as part of a shoulder pad-helmet system that can reduce the whiplash motion correlated with concussion, spinal cord and neck injuries.  “When I first started this project, I envisioned football and hockey players being able to use it,” said Garcia. “I never thought this could be used in the military until a year into my research; now every improvement on my system is added with the thought of it not only being used in physical contact sports, but in the military as well.”–“ONR Awards High School Student Scholarship Money for TBI Research”, 6/4/15, Sierra Jones, Office of Naval Research.

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