Taylor Davison

TAYLOR DAVISON, 10, the only girl on her team in the Bartlett (IL) Raiders Athletic Association, died on 9/2/02 from a blow to the head that led to a blood clot on the right side of her brain. She collapsed as she walked off the field with her coach.  The Cook County medical examiner’s office ruled that her death was caused by blunt trauma that led to a clot under the surface of her brain, saying that she had been hit during a full-contact practice earlier in the week.  Taylor’s mother, Susan Davison, questioned the ruling, saying doctors had told her that her daughter had malformed blood vessels in her brain because she was a premature infant.  Dr. John Grant, a neurosurgeon at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, said it would’ve taken a serious hit to cause the type of injury described in the medical examiner’s report.  She played several positions, including nose tackle, on a team with members in the 90 pound range. Barry Brinn, president of the athletic association, defended his coaches and said, “There was no specific instance that you could pick out, no particular time when she was tackled that you could say, ‘That was the one.’” Peggy Lawson, an aunt who spoke for the family, said Taylor’s death was simply a tragic accident. “I wouldn’t discourage any of them from playing football.”  Taylor was an avid horseback rider, good at math and science, and outgoing. She was protective of her twin brother, Tremor, who got her interested in football and is a player himself.  “For some reason she loved being competitive with the boys,” said her father, Todd Davison.  “She begged to be on the team.  She wanted to practice every day, and she cried last year when the season was over.”–“Girl dies after collapsing at football practice”, USAtoday.com 9/4/02, Martha Irvine, AP.  “Medical examiner: Death caused by blunt trauma”, ESPN.com 9/4/02, AP.

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